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Welcome! I'm Joe Doran, a Licensed Real Estate Agent with a passion for ranch properties. My journey into real estate began in a different field-electrical engineering and software development. I founded a successful startup focused on home automation gateways, which was later acquired by Herman Miller, a Fortune 400 company at the time. This experience not only showcased the impact and innovation of our work but also sparked my interest in real estate, particularly ranch properties.

As a private airplane pilot and founder of a drone and photography business, I have spent the last 12 years perfecting the art of showcasing properties through innovative marketing. This experience has provided me with a deep understanding of how to effectively highlight the unique features of each property, ensuring they stand out in the market.

After relocating from Austin to run my own ranch, I have not only mastered various aspects of ranch life, from sustainable farming and livestock management to implementing solar technology for off-grid living, but also gained practical knowledge that I can share with my clients. This invaluable experience allows me to offer clients advice on utilizing and enjoying their properties to the fullest, making their ranch ownership experience more fulfilling and rewarding.

I leverage my extensive background in real estate sales to provide expert guidance in acquiring and selling land and ranch properties. Whether you want to buy your dream ranch or sell one, I am here to facilitate the process with expertise, making each transaction smooth and successful.

Let’s work together to navigate the exciting opportunities in the land and ranch real estate market, maximizing the potential of your investments.

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